A Christmas Eve Treat!.........Rocky Road Fudge

This divine Rocky Road fudge is the first great indulgence of Christmas! It's quick to make, sets fast, and can be bubbling away while you are doing other things like trimming the sprouts, making the stuffing, or enjoying a mulled wine.....and why not...it's CHRISTMAS!

You will need.....

80g butter
700g golden castor sugar
100 mls single cream
150mls full fat milk
250g dark chocolate with a minimum of 75% cocoa solids
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
100g glace or maraschino cherries
100g mini marshmallows
90g of your favourite nuts....macadamia or walnuts, pecans, peanuts....or no nuts if that's your thing

you will need a metal or ceramic baking dish about 6' x 9' lined with foil or baking parchment....I find foil works well

How to..........

line your dish / tray and set asidechop the chocolate into small bits and set asidechop the nuts, leave whole or break into small pieces as you likehalve and quarter the cherries....if you like them big then just halve themplace the butter, sugar, milk and cream in a deep, heavy saucepan....stainless steel is best heat gently and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved and everything is smooth and runnybring to the boil then turn the heat down ever so slightly, we want the mixture to be at a rolling boil.....now time it for 6 minutesat 6 minutes the mix should be starting to thicken and brown slightly....keep at a rolling boil and stir gently while allowing it to cook for another 2 minutes.....you should end up with a thick saucy consistencyturn off the heat under the pot and remove from the heat source completelypour in the chocolate and vanilla extract, stir to meltstir in the nuts and the cherries, but don't be too forceful unless you want your cherries to be broken downpour your fudge into the prepared dish/trayscatter the mini marshmallows on top and press down into the fudge.....you could of course fold the marshmallows through the fudge but I fine they tend to melt and disappear!allow the fudge to cool a little then turn it upside down onto a suitable board....the fudge will set quite quickly so try and cut it into squares while it's still warmish....you will find the foil very easy to peel offstore your fudge in an airtight container and it will keep for absolutely ages
Once the fudge has fully cooled and set you can bag it up for gifts if you wish.... it's not a sticky fudge but is firm and has a little crunch to it.