Autumn With A Bang! - 'Brooklyn' Braised Cabbage

There you are thinking joyfully of a delicious new season, contemplating blazing bonfires of orange and gold leaves, crisp chilly mornings with August like blue skies and blinding sunshine, walks in the woods to hunt for the first mushrooms and gather chestnuts, planning that first juniper spiced venison stew of the season when WAP! your throat feels like you swallowed a kitchen roll sized sheet of sandpaper and your head turns fuzzy....yes Autumn has arrived with a bang and my first cold of the season.
Thank goodness that on Saturday past I was very industrious and made a huge batch of my wellness inducing vegetable soup with a stock made from a turkey leg....although a chicken stock is delicious I do recommend giving a turkey stock a go! you can find my recipe for this awesome and life giving vegetable soup by clicking HERE!
It's at times like these that I refer to my abundance.....a very harvesty sort of word for the season that's in it....of recipes and meal ideas. Although I may not have the time to blog as regularly as I would like, owing to the fact that one has to work to earn ones money...I don't flog on my blog!.....I do cook daily and try to photograph as much of it as I possibly can...admittedly though there's not much point in taking yet another picture of a casserole, or a roast dinner....been there, done that so to speak.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that another of my loves in life, besides cooking, is reading, and not just every cookery book I can get my hands on, but also a good novel or two, or twenty! Having re-read Colm Toibins' 2009 novel 'Brooklyn' for the umpteenth there's a man I would like as a guest at my dinner party to end all dinner parties!......and having recently witnessed the movie version, I got to thinking about the way Irish people have emigrated around the world and brought their influence to bear on many different cultures. Wherever we Irish turn up, we are noted for our friendliness, our craic, and our ability to hold copious amount of alcoholic beverages whilst performing our rendition of River Dance on a bar top somewhere in Manhattan or Melbourne....which a friend of mine actually did!...however, we have never really been known in times gone by for our food. These days though that is all changing and Irish exports of our wonderful produce are now literally world wide.