Bushido: Akimoto (with Drum)

Here is GCT Studio's Akimoto, complete with fighting-sticks-turned drumsticks. I had the drum bit sitting around since my Mordheim days and the more I thought of a wandering snake man drumming across the island and perhaps even fighting while drumming... I thought it was cool. So there you go.

The drum bit is pinned at Aki's waist and the strap is greenstuff. I bent his left arm and used the strap to hide the gap between arm and shoulder. I reinforced in the armpit (phrasing). I got a tad lost in the sculpt while trimming flash and so missed some details here and there. The funny thing about great sculpts like these Bushido miniatures is that the features are delicate and very artistic. And so, once primed, I can easily forget what the element I am painting is supposed to be. I struggled a bit with the flesh tone on this guy and had higher aspirations on the transition between cobra and man but there it is. Close enough for government work, as they say.

Now to just remember that he goes first every turn...