'Cheaper Than Chips' Ham Hock - And What To Do With It!

The ham 'hock' or 'knuckle' is literally the ankle of the pig. Although there may be a lot of bone in this cut, you can get lucky and find one with quite a lot of meat on the bone!
Ham hocks are readily available and extremely popular around here, but you may have to ask your butcher. They come in both smoked and salt cured varieties. I don't think you will ever find one that is not cured in some form or other.
Although you will always have to buy your hock with the bone in, you couldn't ask for anything more reasonable in cost, the joint I bought above cost the grand sum of £1.49! and with enough meat to feed 4 people.....amazing!
But the ham hock has other uses than just it's delicious meat. It will always come with the skin attached which you can use to make that scrumptious delicacy 'crackling', and once your hock is cooked you will have a fabulous stock that makes a great base for a tasty sauce or a soup such as green pea & ham, or bacon, butternut squash & lentil.