Empty Nest?....Time To Treat Yourself!.......Braised Pork With Cider

September is an odd time of year. We see the growing season come to fruition as summer declines and autumn beckons with the promise of crisp frosty mornings and Indian summer sunshine, bushels of apples fall to the ground, plump and juicy blackberries hang pendulous from the hedgerows, and the first of those hardy root vegetables, sturdy enough to see us through the long winter, are beginning to peep their heads above the soil in the poly-tunnel.

It is also a time for new beginnings as many of us, myself included, see our own 'produce' off to their first year in college or university...some of them many hours from home or even to another country.

My own youngest has set off to fulfil their dreams in the equine world, but I still have one at home who is beginning their second year in college nearby so I'm not quite at the complete empty nest stage entirely, but many of my peers are.

The young flying the nest for the first time can come as a shock. For the last 18 or 19 years, our lives have revolved around the needs and wants of our offspring......so what will we do now we don't have their laundry to pick up off the floor?.... no late nights spent lying awake waiting for them to pop their head around the door at 2 o'clock in the morning saying 'I'm in now'...... no more pleads of...'can you just take me to?'........but rather than feeling lonely and dejected, we should grasp and embrace our new found freedoms with enthusiasm, because after all, we did have lives before we had our children!