Hometown Pizza Love

I am working on all the pics from the wedding I catered this weekend...so those will start posting this week with some recipes.
For now....I want to talk pizza.

I grew up in a small town in southeast Ohio....Hocking Hills area. We grew up "cruising" one street and hangin' out at one pizza shop....Pizza Crossing. Every time I go back home I have to have Pizza Crossing! There is just something about that pizza...I don't know whether it's the beer in their perfectly crisp crust or the mildly seasoned sauce...the sprinkles of italian seasoning on top or the blend of cheeses that they use or maybe best of all....those little round pepperoni that curl up when baked and hold just the perfect amount of pepperoni grease in them.....YUM!
Pizza Crossing's motto is "The Best Pizza....Period" and I may just have to agree....and it's so much more than just how good the pizza is, for me it brings back all those memories of hangin' out drinking red cream soda and eating pizza...then finishing the night off with their fresh baked chocolate chip cookies......gossiping with friends and watching my friends Marisa and Tiffany do "shots" of sugar packets because they loved being hyper! I love food that not only entices my taste buds but also brings back sweet memories........