#Mamavation Monday - Today Is The Day!

Happy New Year!

It is a new beginning. 2012 brings the perfect chance to start fresh. Don't dwell on past failures or disappointment. Just put a smile on, lace up those shoes and DO IT.

Change requires Change.

Thanks to my DH who always makes sure I am outfitted and ready for this dreary Oregon weather. He gave me the best gift this holiday season.

Shoes that are water repellent and ready for the Oregon rain, along with a new hat and jacket to keep me feeling good as I walk off my weight issues. Isn't he the best?

Since this week's theme is Winterizing our Workouts, this is perfect timing. This week's question is:
                    What is your #1 tip for adjusting your workouts to winter conditions?

Weatherize! Know your region and outfit yourself accordingly. The Pacific Northwest requires warm, non-cotton base layers along with water proof outerwear. Most of our coats are treated with water repellent and my shoes have Gore-Tex to keep me dry. Most days there is at least a drizzle, but often a cold and wet downpour. Rain cannot be an excuse to stop moving.

For inside workouts we have the Xbox. I love the Kinect games and it is a great way for our entire family to get moving inside the house.

I wish I also had a ski update. We are still perfecting our snow dance here... Oregon really needs some snow in the mountains. New skis are still waiting impatiently to be used!

Stay healthy everyone. Today is the day for me to get my fresh start. Those shoes are just begging to be used.
I will be missing you all Monday night at Mamavation TV, but you can catch me on twitter (@notimeMom).

This post is sponsored by MyInfoGuardian and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated toobesity prevention & weight loss for women