Potty Training Back Up! ...desperately Needed.

My son is 2. There is so much to learn about 2 year olds. They are adorable, willfully defiant and developing at the speed of light. My son went from saying 2 words sentences a month ago to stringing together 5 or 6 now! This morning he grabbed my hand and said, "Mama help. Race car. Where'd it go? I was amazed. Clear as day.

But, I dread the words... "Mama, me eewww!" This lately has been accompanied by poo finger painting or amazing messes that defy logic. We are not quite ready to potty train. He is a boy and far too busy to stop and use his potty. But, I am arming myself. I have a DVD which had high reviews on Amazon (which shocks me after having watched it!) and we got a simple potty seat for the bathroom. I will be ready when my darling little boy decides to don his big boy pants and use the throne!

I was excited to see a fabulous potty training giveaway (who would have thought?) over at Mission Mommy. You have to check this one out! Not only are there adorable books to help, but a chance to win a great Boon Potty Bench (...drool....)

So, if you have a toddler, or want to do something nice for someone who does, enter this great giveaway. It ends 2/15. ENTER HERE!