Proud Plug: Going On Campaign

Just a quick (and overdue) plug here for my buddy Col. Corbane’s site, Going on Campaign: probably already know Col. Corbane from Corbania Prime (link to your right.) If you play 40k for any length of time then you owe it to yourself to check out what campaigns are really about... and Going on Campaign is a great resource for that. Not only do you get to use (and breath new life into) most of the crap you sat around building and painting, you get to use those creative juices you brewed by playing games to form richer playing experiences that no one-off game could ever convey. Not only that, you can participate in the campaign community at large, which is rewarding on its own and lends depth to your understanding of how game systems actually play. Did I mention fluff? Campaigns generate fluff faster than a cotton candy machine. Yum.A good intro to campaigns is the PDF that Col. Corbane put together, codex-style, to get the ball rolling. It is well produced (and even features some minis from yours truly) so check it out and get those summer campaign planned!Going on Campaign PDF: