Sarcophagi: GCT Studios "Best Of The Web"

GCT Studios just named yours truly as a "Best of the Web" site for the Bushido work I'm cranking out these days. I had no idea that was a thing but I am totally grateful. Thank you! Props to my boy Pete for noticing. Surprised to see my stuff up on BOL's Gamewire too! I hope people get something out of the projects and make it even better. Just share that shibby back if you do and be sure to stop by again frequently, I will be updating my progress on Bushido Ito and terrain boards over the next few months here and on the GCT Forums. SHOCK: I'm Yeti's Yell on that forum.

Now, what do I spend the GCT pounds sterling voucher on?
 Kaihime Ito?Masunagi Ito?Yukio Koshimori, Imperial Envoy?All of the above?EDIT: Polls closed, I ordered them all. Why chose?