'Scone' As In 'dawn' Or 'Scone' As In 'Stone'!

Regardless of how you pronounce it, the 'scone' has become one of the most popular items to reach beyond the boundaries of the historic 'afternoon tea'.

Although the drinking of tea was first popularised around the 1600's, the idea of afternoon tea did not appear until 1840 when the Duchess of Bedford couldn't wait for her dinner! That long stretch between her lunch and the next meal which was dinner, fashionably served at 8 o'clock, was just too much for the dear duchess so she decreed that tea and sandwiches be served every afternoon, she then started inviting the girls around and so began the tradition of afternoon tea.

By the 1880's tea in the afternoon had turned into a social event for upper class ladies..... and gents of course.....who would dress especially for the occasion in tea gowns and gloves.

Rarely do many of us have time in the afternoons anymore for a cup of tea never mind a scone, but the tradition of afternoon tea has held it's own with tea shops popping up all over the place and every cafe or coffee shop catering to the post shopping trip ladies in need of refreshment.

Any hotel worth their salt will always offer afternoon tea and five star establishments like The Savoy or Claridges are famed for their afternoon offerings, but Irish establishments are now doing their bit too and every decent hotel will have their own 'afternoon delight' offereings!

With their mind blowing selections of teas from around the world and bite size cakes to rival the best patisserie in France we seem willing to 'fork out' if you'll pardon the pun, for what is not quite a meal!