Slide Master

Working with the Slide Master

There are two masters for every presentation - a slide master and a title master. The slide master controls the formatting on all slides. If you apply a new design template, modify the color or size of slide titles, or change the background color on the slide master, all slides reflect the change. If you add a graphic to the slide master, it appears on every slide. Likewise, if you modify the layout of the title master, the slides you've designated as title slides also change.Edit the slide master of a presentation to change the font and add an image to the background:Load the Microsoft PowerPoint programClick on Open an Existing PresentationOpen the file on disk called www.pptTake a moment to scroll through the presentationOn the View menu, click Master. Select Slide MasterYour screen should look like this:

slide master screen shot
Click in the Master Title AreaOn the Format menu, click FontSelect ArialBoldShadow and click OKOn the Insert menu, click picture\Clip ArtSelect an image and click InsertDrag the picture to the lower left-hand corner of the slideOn the View menu, click slide. Scroll through the presentation again to view changes.If a slide master object interferes with text or images on your slides, you can omit the slide master background on a particular slide. On the format menu, click Background. Select the optionomit background graphics from master.