Smokey Fish Pie, Cheesy Champ Mash

Being able to make a basic white sauce or bechamel is a skill everyone should have.
The simple bechamel sauce is the doorway to undiscovered realms in cookery, and if you have this skill under your belt the world of pies is your oyster!

White sauce and variations of it go so well with many other foods, from meats to fish, to vegetables and spices.

You can add white wine, red wine, sherry, brandy, mustard's, oh the list is endless what extra flavors can be added to a basic sauce.

As the bechamel is such an important basic sauce, it was literally the first thing I learned to cook in chef college, and the skill of turning out a perfectly silky smooth bechamel has seen me through a thirty year career.

The heart of this fish dish is the creamy white sauce which will imbibe all the flavors of the smoky fish and commune with the creaminess of the cheesy champ mash...... add some mushy peas and you are in comfort food heaven.