Sound And Video Clips

Adding Sound and Video Clips

If you can't find a picture, music, sound, video clip, or animation in PowerPoint, here are some other places you can look for more clips: Windows Media folder – Point to Movies and Sounds on the Insert menu, and then click Sound from File. Locate and open the Media folder (in Windows folder), and select the sound you want. Clip Gallery Live – Click Insert Clip Art to open Clip Gallery, and then click the Connect to Web for additional clips button.PowerPoint Central – Click PowerPoint Central on the Tools menu. From the presentation, you can jump to Internet sites or to the Office 97 ValuPack on the CD-ROM for clip art, videos, sound clips, graphic effects, templates, and presentation tips.SoundGo to slide number 1On the Insert menu, click Movies and Sounds and choose Sound from FileChoose a sound clip from the disk and click OKAn object is inserted onto your slide:

Sound Clip
Move the object to a cornerView your slide show. Click on the sound object to play the sound clip.Video\Movie ClipsGo to slide number 10On the Insert menu, click Movies and Sounds and choose Movie from FileChoose blowup.avi from the disk and click OKMove the image to the lower right cornerRight-click the image, choose custom animationClick the Effects tab and change the animation and sound to Appear and ExplosionClick OK and view your slide show. Click on the picture to play the movie clip.