Summertime And The Living Ain't Easy! - Little Pots Of Chocolate

Yes the Irish summer has hit us with a bang which means rain, rain and more rain with the occasional sunny spell...don't blink or you'll miss it!, but at least it's warm.

Having hurt my left knee two weeks ago, I have been hobbling about all over the place and suffering!...take pity on me because I have had to continue on at work. The hobbling has prevented me from really doing any interesting cooking and the poor kids are lucky they're getting fed at all!
I have even taken to getting my groceries delivered...really why have I not done this before?? it's going really well and I can't fault the service so far, mille grazie to Tesco! who have saved my bacon over the last fortnight!

I'm still sticking to my keto eating style and can I just say once more....I know I'm repeating myself, there is a danger I may actually become boring on this subject if I continue to harp on about it so much, utterly fab it is and how easy it has is sky high and hunger pangs seem to be a thing of the past, it does take time but hey, what else would I be up to, I feel great so keep it coming and I have yet to feel I am being denied anything...take this little recipe from september last year....dispense with the tablespoon of sugar in the recipe and you're keto ready and after all, chocolate always makes one feel better!

get the recipe here... Little Pots of Chocolate