Why Wouldn't You Use A Carrying Case?

In all my travels, I've never understood why someone would spend countless hours painting and converting their models only to throw them haphazardly into a shoebox for transporting to and from the hobby store.
And then turn around and complain that the paint is chipping off and that's why they don't look so good anymore. Anymore? What?!?

When I finished my second Space Hulk commission last month, the painted models all went into a perfectly made foam tray just for them to go into the original game box to KEEP THEM SAFE.

My army sits in a foam tray inside a case so that each guy and vehicle doesn't get damaged. And my stuff isn't painted that great to begin with.

Why would you NOT take care of your minis after you invest all that time, effort and money into them? I honestly don't understand. Sure, cases can be expensive, but so are the minis. I figure if I'm going to spend that kind of money on a model, I should take care of it too.

If you're going to splurge on custom matching dice, drop a few dollars on basic case so your models last as long as your dice do.

I've since written a follow-up post to this one that can be found here.

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