Workouts And Kettlebells

Although I was keeping fit through running at Pandan Reservoir, I was getting bored of my routine and needed a new challenge.

Especially since I have no clue at all about strength training.

PLUS, what is the point of having a slim body when arms/butt/thighs are JIGGLY?!

When I approached Alauddin, a personal trainer AND a fitness freak, I told him that I must not be pushed beyond my limits or made to feel guilty for the occasional dietary misdemeanour. (Think whopper burgers, fried kway teow with cockles, lemak ayam cili padi, nasi lemak and the list goes on...) and he's cool with it. Nicceeee! Starting out, Alauddin took things slow and steady, answering my neverending questions.

Everytime I casually mentioned if we could skip a certain workout (example: lifting of kettlebells!) he'd purposely force -jiggle his super toned arms at me.That was enough to make me reach for those kettlebells.

See, I go Universal Studios also he follow....So dedicated hor this personal trainer of mine. :pBy the way, those pair of jeans I wore..WAIST SIZE 25 yo. Like finallllyyyyy! Not bad, Din! And I'm contented ...not aiming for a size 24 (zaman sec 2 waist) 25 is just nice.
Sports is a lifelong passion of his. Alauddin has been learning martial arts in Seni Silat Gayong for the past 12 years. He is experienced in arm-combat, self defense and Strength & Conditioning.
Running is also another passion of his (and mine!)He has successfully completed 42km Sundown marathon and 10km Salomon run. (me? None. Lol!)
He (and I!) use kettlebells as to improve our cardio and recovery after each run and what I absolutely love about using kettlebells is we don’t need a gym to do kettlebells training. It can be done anywhere… at void deck (sticks out my tongue at those who laughed as they walked past me. I shy cannnn?!) or even in the comfort of your own home. (then Nyla starts laughing!)
But because I want to look like Kim Kardashian -____-, I dunch care.
Alauddin is a Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1 by International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (USA).
He conducts both indoors and outdoors one-on-one/group personal training, Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training.

A kettlebell is a traditional Russian training tool that has been used since the turn of the century to develop full body conditioning and fitness.
Benefits of kettlebells are:
Improved strength
Incredible work capacity (strength endurance)
Weight loss
Injury prevention
Mental toughness
Lean & functional muscle mass
Strengthening of the entire posterior chain
Core strength
Bodyweight training is a form of strength training that utilizes one’s own body weight for resistance. Examples such as push ups, squats and lunges.Very good for conditioning and strengthing one's muscle.
So my gals who are reading this, if you would like this charming guy to help you achieve bodies like J Lo, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian, here are his details.

Alauddin does one on one personal training as well as group training. I always feel that working out with friends is damn fun. Remembered exercising with my JC buddy, Azean in the gym back then. (and how we would reward ourselves with a GIGANTIC spaceship- looking plate of chicken chop and fries at Jurong Point's Banquet after all the sweat. So no meaning lor our exercise. What to do? No personal trainer to advise us. :( )
We also need friends to motivate one another. There were times when I'd get lazy and Azean would force me to go to the gym. Thanks galfren.
Another advantage of working out with girlfriends is that while exercising, can also catch up and chit chat. You don't mind hor Alauddin?We are just killing 2 birds with one kettlebell. Heeee!
So ladies, go and kumpul your girlfriends now!

By the way Mr Alauddin, is the one beside you going to train me too? :oOIf yes, just to let you know.... I don't mind if you would like to increase my sessions. :pppppp
Alauddin being a great listener that he is, will 'custom make' a fun exercise regime for you. Oh, also don't forget to download your favourite songs on your MP3 or Iphone and listen to them when Alauddin makes you run long distances or climb a long flight of steps. :oO
Let Alauddin help you accelerate your weight loss/keeping fit/be toned journey now!
Anyway, a friend of mine smsed me this:Babe, Alauddin has to know this fact about me: Throughout primary school, I kena become member of the Trim And Fit (TAF) Club (Spell that backwards and you can see how it 'boosted' my self esteem (FAT)! Such a deliberate cruel joke, don't ya think?*Hahahah! This cracked me up lor babe!*No wonder MOE has removed TAF club and left schools to implement their own health programmes.
PS: By the way, any of you staying near Pandan Reservoir? If yes, join me leh!